All prices guaranteed in our restaurant only due to fluctuating market prices and previous versions of online menus that have been copied to other sites without our permission. 

outside -July 2015

inside - July 2015

During the summer months, tourists from California, Florida, and all over the country flock here for fried Maine scallops, shrimp, and clams. Year round, budget-minded families appreciate that $20.95 buys a complete meal for four, including two pints of fried chicken, two large orders of French fries, coleslaw, four dinner rolls and soda. In addition to the popular dinner baskets, customers can put together their own meal combinations with individual servings or slightly smaller snack sizes of their favorite entrees.

7 responses to “Menu

  1. Best seafood restaurant around, when we go to Augusta and ask our kids where they want to eat,response is always Red Barn :)

  2. There is no other place to eat chicken !! I have been eating there for over 20 years it is the best hands down !!

  3. We visited this evening (August 1rst) and despite the place having a line that trailed outside the doors and a full parking lot…..the service was very fast, friendly and the food hot and fresh. We think you are amazing!!

  4. We drive all the way from St. Pete’s, Florida to eat at the Red Barn…..Ayah, a fact!! Ya’ll have a nice day, and please try the Red Barn because it is the very best in northern seafood.

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